Who is YourFellowArab? All About the YouTuber Kidnapped in Haiti

Youtuber YourFellowArab wikipedia
Quick Info
Internet NameYourFellowArab.
Real NameAddison Pierre Maalouf
In LimelightKidnapped In Haiti.
Birth DateApril 30, 1997.
Birth PlaceLebanon.
Lives inSaint Petersburg, Florida, America.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
WeightKg: 81.2.
Pounds: 179 lbs.
ProfessionContent Creator.
Professional Gamer.
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YourFellowArab kidnapped in Haiti

Addison Pierre Maalouf (age 26, born on April 30, 1997) known online as YourFellowArab, is an Arabic-American YouTuber. He has gained fame for his content as a wanderer, comedian, and storyteller, amassing over 1.43 million subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, he has a significant following of 341,000 on Instagram and 622,000 on Twitch.

Maalouf’s adventures have taken him to various places, including a daring visit to a Mexican drug cartel, which he documented in a series of videos. However, his recent trip to Haiti to interview Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, leader of the G9 gang, turned perilous when he was kidnapped within 24 hours of arrival.

Terrorists are holding ‘YourFellowArab’ captive in Haiti and have demanded a ransom exceeding half a million dollars for his release. The U.S. government has confirmed his situation but has not disclosed further details.




YourFellowArab last chat

Where is YourFellowArab Now?

In early March 2024, YourFellowArab, known for meeting dangerous gang members and conducting interviews with them, was kidnapped by a gang in Haiti. The news quickly spread across the internet, with confirmation coming from Lalem through a Twitter statement on March 28, 2024.

Lalem’s statement revealed that Maalouf had traveled to Haiti to document ongoing riots and meet with gang members, including the infamous leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier. He was accompanied by a fixer named Sean Roubens Jean Sacra. Unfortunately, within just 24 hours of arriving in Haiti, the YouTuber was taken captive.

Amidst ongoing negotiations, reports indicate that Addison’s family has already paid $40,000 in ransom. However, the gang persists in demanding $600,000 for his release, prolonging the ordeal. Despite the challenges, Lalem says that YourFellowArab is in good spirits and hopeful of returning home soon.



YourFellowArab biography

What is the Real Name of YourFellowArab?

On April 30, 1997, YourFellowArab (age 26) was born in Lebanon. Not many know that his birth name is Addison Pierre Maalouf.

Addison spent his formative years in Lebanon before relocating to the United States with his family. They settled in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where Addison completed his schooling.

It was during this time that Maalouf, already an enthusiastic gamer, began his YouTube journey. Despite his young age, his passion for gaming and storytelling led him to establish his channel, where he continues to entertain and engage his audience.



Youtuber YourFellowArab wikipedia

YourFellowArab YouTube Journey

In 2016, YourFellowArab started on YouTube with a video titled “YouTube Drama In A Nutshell.” Despite a modest beginning, the positive response fueled his passion for creating more content. He soon delved into gaming videos, which quickly gained a devoted following.

His Fortnite videos became hugely popular, attracting more subscribers and boosting his channel’s reach. Expanding into reaction videos, he also built a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers.

In recent years, YourFellowArab has shifted focus to exploring intense subjects such as terrorists, gangs, and crime. One of his standout videos, “I Spent a Day with Rio Brazil’s Most Dangerous Gang,” showcased his immersive storytelling style and adventurous spirit. He’s also ventured into documenting encounters with members of Mexican cartels, adding depth to his content.

Apart from his digital endeavors, Maalouf is an accomplished martial artist, as seen in his participation in the 2022 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship.



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YourFellowArab FAQs

Ques: Where does YourFellowArab live?

Ans: Saint Petersburg, Florida, America.

Ques: What is YouTuber YourFellowArab’s real name?

Ans: Addison Pierre Maalouf.

Ques: How old is YouTuber Addison Pierre Maalouf?

Ans: YourFellowArab is 26 years old.


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