Who is Walt Nauta? All about former President Donald Trump’s aide

Walt Nauta
Waltine Torre Nauta
NameWalt Nauta.
Birth Date1983.
Birth PlaceHågat, Guam.
Lives inWashington, District of Columbia, United States.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 64.
Pounds: 141 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180 cm.
In meters: 1.80 m.
SchoolSouthern High School.
Worked AsCook in U.S. Navy.
Net worth$534k.


Walt Nauta With Donald Trump

Waltine Torre Nauta, aka Walt Nauta (age 41, born in 1983) is a Guamanian-American who served as a cook in the U.S. Navy. He is better known for his association with former American President Donald Trump.

During Donald Trump’s Presidential years, Walt served Trump as his valet. Even after Trump left the White House, Nauta continued to work for him. The Hågat-born worked in Palm Beach at Mar-a-Lago, a resort owned by Donald Trump.

These days Nauta is in the headlines due to his involvement in the unauthorized possession of sensitive documents. As per sources, he and Trump had been indicted for the offense. The indictment of Walt Nauta and Donald Trump has garnered significant public attention and media coverage.



Donald Trump US ally Walt Nauta

The Indictment and Charges

On June 8, 2023, Walt Nauta and Donald Trump were indicted by a federal grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Miami. Nauta faces six counts in the indictment, whereas Trump faces 37 counts.

Nauta’s charges include the following:

  • Conspiracy to obstruct justice,
  • Withholding a document or record,
  • Corruptly concealing a document or record,
  • Corruptly concealing a copy in a federal investigation,
  • A scheme to hide,
  • Making false statements and representations.


Donald Trump Assistant Walt Nauta

The charges against both Nauta and Trump reflect the seriousness of their alleged actions, particularly their attempts to conceal classified documents and mislead investigators. The indictment is a formal accusation, initiating the legal proceedings against them.

Walt Nauta could face severe legal consequences if convicted on the charges mentioned in the indictment. The potential penalties for the offenses he is accused of range from fines to imprisonment.

The specific sentence would depend on various factors, including the offenses’ severity, prior criminal history, and other relevant circumstances. Additionally, given the number and nature of the charges against Donald Trump, he could face substantial legal ramifications if found guilty, including significant fines and a lengthy prison sentence.



Walt Nauta With Guest

Walt is a native of the Guam territory

In 1982, Walt Nauta (age 41) was born in Guam, an American territory in Micronesia. According to sources, Walt spent his entire childhood in Hågat, where he developed the desire to join the Navy in his high school days.

Giving wings to dreams, Waltine started his career in the U.S. Navy as a cook in July 2001 and later joined the Presidential Food Service, part of the White House Military Office, in 2012.



Walt Nauta career in navy

Walt Nauta Career

After Trump’s term ended, Nauta continued to work for him at his Mar-a-Lago club and residence. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Walt Nauta held the position of personal valet to the president, taking care of various tasks such as butler duties, acting as a body man, and being a gofer.

He earned the rank of senior chief petty officer in September 2020, signifying a significant promotion. Following Trump’s departure from the White House in January 2021, Nauta accompanied him to Mar-a-Lago and was also present at Trump’s club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

He frequently traveled with Trump to public appearances and campaign events. In August 2021, he began receiving payment from the Save America PAC, and his service in the Navy concluded in September 2021. Additionally, he received compensation from Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.



Donald Trump American aide Waltine Torre Nauta

Highlights: Walt Nauta

  • Nauta was born in Hågat, Guam.
  • Walt was seen on surveillance video removing 64 boxes from a storage room at Mar-a-Lago and delivering them to Trump’s residence, only returning 30 packages to the room.
  • The charges against Nauta and Trump highlight their alleged efforts to obstruct justice and mislead investigators.
  • Nauta faces six counts, including conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding and concealing documents, and making false statements.
  • The potential penalties for the offenses Nauta and Trump are charged with range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the charges and relevant circumstances.


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Walt Nauta FAQs

Ques: When was Walt Nauta born?

Ans: 1983.

Ques: From where is Walt Nauta?

Ans: Hagat, Guam.

Ques: Where does Walt Nauta live?

Ans: Washington, District of Columbia.

Ques: Who is Walt Nauta’s wife?

Ans: Waltine stays silent about his personal life. The details about his love life are absent, so we cannot tell if he is married or not.