Who is Victor Martinez Hernandez? Rachel Morin’s Murder Suspect Finally Arrested

Victor Martinez Hernandez
Quick Info
Real NameVictor Martinez Hernandez
Birth DateSeptember 19, 2000.
Birth PlaceEl Salvador.
Crime Record
Arrested forRachel Morin's Murder.
Body Measurement
HeightIn Feet: 5'8."
WeightPounds: 160 lbs.
Hair & EyesBlack/Brown.

Victor Martinez Hernandez Arrested

Victor Martinez Hernandez (age 23, born on September 19, 2000) an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, is the suspect charged with the murder of Maryland mom Rachel Morin.

Hernandez crossed the southern border illegally in February 2023, a month after allegedly murdering another woman in El Salvador. He is also accused of attacking a nine-year-old girl and her mother in Los Angeles before Morin’s murder.

He was arrested in Tulsa late Friday night and booked into jail early Saturday morning, according to family and court records. He faces charges of first-degree murder and first-degree rape in connection with Rachel Morin’s case.

The suspect was linked to Morin’s murder through DNA evidence, which also connected him to a home invasion and assault in Los Angeles in March 2023.

Despite identifying Hernandez weeks ago, authorities were unsure of his whereabouts until this weekend when they managed to arrest him discreetly to prevent him from fleeing.

The family was informed privately just hours before the arrest and asked to keep the information confidential.



Rachel Morin's Murder Suspect Victor Martinez Hernandez

Detectives arrested Hernandez in Tulsa Bar

Victor Martinez Hernandez has been charged with the brutal murder of Maryland mom Rachel Morin.

Detectives believe Hernandez was hiding near a popular hiking trail when he allegedly attacked, raped, and killed Morin before fleeing the state. The FBI’s involvement led to Hernandez being tracked down to Oklahoma.

On Friday, law enforcement officers from several agencies apprehended him at a bar in Tulsa, where he was found casually sitting.

Upon his arrest, Hernandez initially lied about his identity and denied knowledge of the crimes he was accused of. He is currently awaiting extradition.

At a press conference on Saturday, Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gaylor announced Hernandez’s arrest.

Sheriff Gaylor highlighted Hernandez’s criminal activities since illegally entering the country, including the attack on Morin.


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Sheriff Gaylor described Hernandez as a “monster”

Sheriff Gaylor described Hernandez as a “monster” at a Saturday press conference, noting his criminal activities since entering the country illegally.

Authorities also revealed that Hernandez has connections to the Washington, D.C. area, including Virginia and Prince George’s County, and is believed to be involved in gang activities.

Before brutally murdering Rachel Morin, Hernandez, wanted in El Salvador for murder, reportedly fled to the U.S. where he continued a spree of violent crimes. In Los Angeles, California, in March 2023, Hernandez violently assaulted a nine-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion before moving on to Harford County, Maryland.


Victor Martinez Hernandez FAQ

Ques: What is Victor Martinez Hernandez’s age?

Ans: Hernandez is 23 years old.

Ques: Where was Victor Martinez Hernandez arrested?

Ans: Hernandez was arrested in Tulsa Bar.

Ques: Why was Victor Martinez Hernandez arrested?

Ans: Victor has been arrested for the murder of Rachel Morín.