Who is Travis Posey? Arkansas Grocery Store Shooting Suspect Arrested

Travis Posey
Travis PoseyDetails
Birth Date1979.
Native ofNew Edinburg.
Crime Record
Arrested forShooting at Mad Butcher Grocery store.
ChargesMurder Capital.

Travis Posey Arrest Record

Travis Posey (age 44, born in 1979) is from New Edinburg and was identified as the suspect in a mass shooting that took place in Fordyce, Arkansas, on Friday, June 21, 2024.

According to sources in Fordyce, Posey allegedly entered the Mad Butcher grocery store, located in a town with a population of 3,200, on Friday morning and began shooting.

The incident resulted in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to eleven others, including Posey and two law enforcement officers, as reported by the Arkansas State Police.

Posey, who was shot during a confrontation with law enforcement, sustained injuries that are not considered life-threatening. He was taken into custody and received medical treatment.

The authorities have not specified whether the shooting occurred inside or outside the grocery store or what type of firearm was used.

At an afternoon press conference near the scene, Arkansas State Police Director Mike Hagar confirmed that the injuries to the suspect and the officers were not life-threatening.


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Posey faces three counts of capital murder

Travis Posey was swiftly apprehended by the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department shortly after a shocking shooting incident. The arrest took place just before 6:30 pm, as confirmed by the department’s inmate archive.

Currently, Posey remains detained at the Ouachita County Jail, as reported by the Online Information Systems for the Sheriff’s Office.

He faces three counts of capital murder, with additional charges pending. Authorities have decided to hold him at the Ouachita County Detention Center pending further legal proceedings.



Travis Posey was the owner of Posey Tree Service

According to his LinkedIn profile, Posey is the owner of Posey Tree Service, a Landscape company specializing in tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, logging, and clearing of views and lots.

Before launching his own venture, Posey gained experience at a forestry consulting firm.

Posey’s career journey began in 1996 at Walmart, where he started as a Salesclerk/Stockman. After five years with the retail giant, he transitioned to the University of Arkansas, initially serving as a Research Technician.

Two years later, he ventured into self-employment within the forestry consulting sector and beyond.


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Travis Posey FAQs

Ques: Who is the Mad Butcher Grocery store Shooting Suspect?

Ans: Travis Posey.

Ques: What is Travis Posey’s age?

Ans: Travis is 44 years old.

Ques: Why was Travis Posey arrested?

Ans: Posey was arrested for the shooting at an Arkansas grocery store.