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Tiffany Gomas

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Real NameTiffany Gomas.
In Headlines forFlight 1009 Viral Video Woman.
ProfessionMarketing Executive.
Owner ofUppercut Marketing.
Birth DateSeptember 12, 1984.
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas.
Lives inLakewood Neighborhood in Dallas.
Birth SignVirgo.
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ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
WeightKg: 58.
Pounds: 127 lbs.
UniversityTexas Tech University (2003 -2004).
AlumniOklahoma State University (2004 - 2007).
Net WorthUSD 5.73 Million.

Tiffany Gomas (age 39,  September 12, 1984) is the owner of Uppercut Marketing and Marketing Executive based in Dallas, Texas.

She gained widespread attention after a video of her on an airplane went viral. In the video, she was seen telling fellow passengers that someone at the back of the plane was not real, using inappropriate language.

The incident occurred on Flight 1009 from Fort Worth to Orlando, Florida, and the video was viewed by millions of people, resulting in numerous memes and news headlines across the country.

At the time, the identity of the distressed passenger was not known to the public, but it was later revealed in police documents that Tiffany Gomas was involved.

Due to her disruptive behavior, Tiffany was asked to leave the plane, causing significant delays for other passengers.

Despite her claims in the video that she wanted to leave, she resisted and had to be escorted off the American Airlines flight by the staff, as documented by the police.

During her meltdown on the plane, Tiffany was seen frantically demanding to get off and expressing her belief that someone in the back of the aircraft was not real.

She repeatedly pointed to the back of the plane while making these statements. After being removed from the secure area of the airport, she attempted to re-enter through TSA screening multiple times, according to the report.




Tiffany Gomas with Hank Lockwood

Hank Lockwood Wraps Up ‘Frozen Pool Bet’ with Tiffany Gomas

It all kicked off on a regular Sunday when Hank shared a pic of himself and Tiffany Gomas at the Cowboys game.

Turns out, they had a bet going on – the loser had to take a dip in the freezing pool. Tiffany tweeted about it, saying she had over 54 points, and Hank had under. The loser, as agreed, had to jump in after the game. Brr!

Fast forward to January 15, 2024, and Tiffany happily announces on Twitter that the frozen pool bet is settled. She even shares a video of the aftermath, so turn up the volume!

Why? Because the Packers scored big, and unfortunately for Hank, he lost the bet. But hey, he’s a good sport and paid up.





American Airlines meltdown passenger Tiffany Gomas

Gomas Explains ‘Not Real’ American Airlines Outburst!

Remember that viral airplane video of Tiffany Gomas going bananas on an American Airlines flight? Well, she’s finally revealed what happened. But don’t expect any UFO sightings or ghostly apparitions – it’s not that kind of story!

In a recent interview on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, Tiffany Gomas, the 39-year-old Texan known for her internet-famous meltdown, gave us the scoop on the bizarre July 2nd incident.

She started by admitting that she’d been hesitant to talk about it, saying, “The reason I probably haven’t come out yet is that it’s so cringe.” We’ve all had our cringeworthy moments, Tiffany!

Gomas confessed that things got out of hand during a heated argument with another passenger. She even called it “horrible” and “mortifying.” We can only imagine how embarrassing it was.

Now, let’s clear up the mystery of her infamous outburst: “That motherf–ker is not real.” Did she spot something supernatural? Nope, she told us she didn’t see anything unusual; it was just an “expression of speech.” So, no aliens or ghosts, folks.

When asked about the argument’s details, Tiffany chose to keep things hush-hush. She hinted at giving up her aisle seat and joked, “I’m only 5-2, in my little bratty-ass voice.” Mysterious, right?

As for the real dirt, Gomas mentioned some “really bad energy” but said she wasn’t ready to spill all the beans just yet, keeping it vague with, “as you know, it’s ongoing.” The suspense is killing us!

She did admit that it would’ve been “way cooler” if she had actually seen something mysterious. We agree, Tiffany. A UFO sighting would’ve been quite the twist.

After her plane antics, Tiffany retreated for a whole month, and she got kicked off the flight, no less. But she’s unapologetic, believing she was right to delay the flight for hours.

“I was distressed and I was getting off the plane, no matter what, I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made,” she said, showing some humility.






American Airlines Tiffany Gomas

Tiffany Gomas Apologizes

Tiffany Gomas, the woman who caused a big scene on an airplane that got everyone’s attention, is saying sorry for what she did. She’s admitting that she let her feelings take over and didn’t handle things well.

In a video where she talks about it for the first time, Tiffany says…

She knows she shouldn’t have freaked out on the plane and made everyone get off and be late.

Tiffany also says she’s sorry for using a lot of bad words during her angry moment—remember when she yelled, “That person back there is not real”? She feels really bad, especially for the parents on the plane who had to explain everything to their kids.

Even though Tiffany finds people’s funny pictures and jokes about her online amusing, she doesn’t like that her mistake was caught on camera and shared with the whole world. It makes her feel like her privacy was invaded.



Marketing Executive Tiffany Gomas

Flight 1009 Full Incident – July 2, 2023

On July 2, 2023, around 5:00 PM, two officers, Montes #1108 and Officer B. Jackson #1107, got a call about some drama going down on Flight 1009 at Gate 9 in Terminal A.

When they arrived, they saw this lady standing on the jet bridge, looking all upset. But when they tried to talk to her, she wouldn’t say a word and just walked off.

The American Airlines supervisor, Arely Gonzalez, told the officers that Tiffany Gomas had a heated argument with another family, accusing them of stealing her air pods.

But that’s not all; she started freaking out about the plane’s safety, saying it wouldn’t make it to Florida. That worried the flight attendants, so they wanted the plane to go through security again. Gonzalez said they didn’t let Tiffany on the flight and wanted her out to the public.

So, the officers went up to Tiffany, and she was a total mess, crying and going on about how unsafe the flight was. Gonzalez gave her a verbal warning, telling her she couldn’t board the plane and needed to leave the secure area. Tiffany finally agreed and went with the officers to the public side.

Because of Tiffany’s crazy statements, they had to get everyone off the plane and go through security checks again. TSA people showed up to do the whole screening process again.

But here’s the kicker: even after all that, Tiffany kept trying to sneak back to the secure side! At 6:45 PM, they caught her going through the TSA checkpoint at A12 and getting back into the secure area.

Apparently, TSA’s system still thought her ticket was good to go, even though she got denied boarding. She didn’t cause any real security issues with her sneaky moves.

Finally, they found Tiffany chilling on the public side at A15, waiting for an Uber. Gonzalez and the officers gave her a written warning about trespassing, and Gonzalez, the boss of American Airlines in that area, signed it.

But she just took off before they could get Tiffany to sign it! So, that’s how the wild drama of Flight 1009 went down that day. Crazy, right?




Marketing Executive Tiffany Gomas Linkedin

Tiffany Gomas Career

Tiffany Gomas pursued her education at Oklahoma State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and Marketing in 2007.

After college, she began her career at a recruitment firm in her hometown, Dallas. However, she soon realized it wasn’t the right fit for her.

Luckily, her sister-in-law introduced her to a local distributor, and she secured a job there. Tiffany was eager to learn and take on new challenges.

Her career took a significant turn when she landed a major client, Microsoft. To provide the best service possible, she relocated from Dallas to Seattle to be closer to Microsoft’s headquarters.

This move proved instrumental as she played a vital role in Microsoft’s rollout of its new store model to compete with Apple. Later, when she decided to move back to Dallas to work for Elevate Brand Marketing, she brought the Microsoft business along with her.


Dallas Texas Tiffany Gomas

Her dedication to her clients and exceptional marketing skills led her to serve as Vice President of Elevate Brand Marketing, a Dallas-based marketing firm.

Gomas has built an impressive sales portfolio and track record, rivaling experienced account managers. She has a client-centric approach, significantly increasing revenue and leading successful direct sales efforts to gain access to sports teams for promotional giveaways.

Those who have worked with her commend her ability to listen to her customers’ needs and develop marketing plans that deliver effective solutions. She goes beyond merely selling products; she focuses on meeting clients’ specific requirements.

Currently, Tiffany Gomas runs her own marketing company called Uppercut Marketing. With fifteen years of professional experience, she is known as a top-performing sales leader, Fortune 50 account manager, and project management executive.



Flight 1009 Tiffany Gomas Wikipedia

Tiffany Gomas’s Early Life & Parents

Tiffany Gomas was born in Dallas, Texas, on September 12, 1984. Her parents are really important to her, especially her mom. She often looks up to her mom because she’s fearless and always ready to help others. Her mom is like her coach and her best friend.

After completing her initial schooling, Tiffany went on her academic journey by enrolling at Texas Tech University in 2003. However, she decided to discontinue her studies after a year.

Subsequently, she pursued her education at Oklahoma State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Design in 2007.

After graduating, Tiffany started her professional journey at Lapgevity L.p. in April 2008 as an Account Executive. Her role evolved over time, and she became an Account Director in February 2011, responsible for managing and overseeing accounts.

Her dedication and expertise further propelled her to the position of Senior Director of Marketing and Promotions, where she served from February 2013 to December 2014 at Lapgevity L.P.

Her career continued to advance as she joined Elevate Brand Marketing, assuming the role of Vice President of client Services.

Tiffany’s professional journey took another exciting turn when she established her own marketing company, Uppercut Marketing, where she currently serves as the owner.

She’s living in a fancy $2 million house in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas. It looks like she’s doing pretty well for herself!


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Tiffany Gomas FAQs

Ques: What is the age of Tiffany Gomas, the viral video woman?

Ans: She is 39 years old.

Ques: Where did Tiffany Gomas work?

Ans: Tiffany is the owner of Uppercut Marketing.

Ques: What is Tiffany Gomas’s Net worth?

Ans: USD 5.73 Million.

Ques: What is the price of Tiffany Gomas’s house?

Ans: $2 Million.