Where is Stacy Lee Drake? Sequoyah County Homicide Suspect on the Run, Wanted for Three Murders

Stacy Lee Drake
Quick Info
Real NameStacy Lee Drake.
Birth Date1974.
Native ofArizona.
Crime Records
Wanter forThree Murders.
Aggravated Robber.

Sequoyah County Homicide Suspect Stacy Lee Drake

Stacy Lee Drake (age 50, born in 1974) is a man from Arizona with a long history of criminal activity across several states. He is currently wanted in connection with three homicides and is believed to be in the Morrilton area, having recently purchased camping gear.

Drake has felony warrants from multiple jurisdictions, with charges including murder, carjacking, and aggravated robbery. According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Drake is suspected of killing three people in a recent double homicide.

While officials have not released the victims’ identities, family members identified one of the female victims as Tara Barnett-Underwood, a mother who was working at LaFerry Propane when she was murdered.

Tara’s sister, Tia Barnett, shared her anguish with local media, saying, “He’s still on the run. I feel like I’m in a scary movie right now. I just feel sad and scared and a little desperate, hoping that we get justice for this and for my sister. She deserves it, her children deserve it.”

Details about the murders, including the cause of death and a motive, have not been released. However, Oklahoma authorities reported that Drake stole a vehicle from the scene, which he used to drive to Morrilton.



Stacy Lee Drake in 2010
Stacy Lee Drake in 2010

Stacy Lee Drake is Armed and Dangerous

Stacy Lee Drake, a man with a dangerous reputation, is currently on the run and believed to be armed with a handgun. State police have issued warnings, describing him as very dangerous and urging the public to remain vigilant.

Authorities have been tirelessly searching for Drake throughout the night, emphasizing the urgency of his capture.

Drake is also wanted in Alabama for a murder case, adding to the gravity of his situation. Despite an intensive search at a local motel, the police were unable to locate him.

The public is strongly advised not to approach Drake if spotted, but instead to immediately call 911 to report any sightings.

The police release includes several photographs of Drake to aid in his identification. He is described as a 5’11”, 185-pound white man.



Drake has a history of Crime

Stacy Lee Drake, a Phoenix native, has a long and troubled history with the law, marked by numerous convictions for serious crimes including assault, burglary, kidnapping, and armed robbery. His criminal journey spans decades, frequently landing him in prison across Arizona.

It began in Guymon, Oklahoma, where he allegedly robbed the OK Liquor Store at gunpoint. Moving on to Fort Smith, Arkansas, on February 6th, he faced accusations of a violent home invasion robbery, resulting in assaults on two victims.

His path continued to Gordo, Alabama, where on February 21, he allegedly committed armed robbery and engaged in a carjacking, leading to a dramatic police chase and his eventual arrest.

Drake’s criminal history includes a notable incident in 2010, when he was convicted of carjacking, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and brandishing a firearm during the commission of a crime.

This incident involved Drake threatening a man with a .45-caliber pistol, stealing his belongings and vehicle, and subsequently leading police on a chase that ended with his arrest after crashing the stolen truck.

In 2016, Drake’s legal team successfully argued for a reduction in his sentence, citing changes in legislation that no longer categorized his offenses as “violent felonies.” This legal strategy resulted in a significant reduction in his prison term, originally setting a release date for 2021.

However, the specifics of his actual release remain undisclosed, as inquiries to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have been met with silence, citing an ongoing investigation.


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Stacy Lee Drake FAQs

Ques: What is Stacy Lee Drake’s age?

Ans: Lee is 50 years old.

Ques: Who is Stacy Lee Drake’s wanted?

Ans:  Drake is wanted for three murders.

Ques: Where was Stacy Lee Drake last seen?

Ans: Morrilton.