Who is Sean Herman? Nashville Cop Arrested for Appearing in OnlyFans Video On Duty

Sean Herman
Quick Info
Real NameSean Herman.
Birth Date1990.
Lives inNashville, Tennessee.
Crime Records
Arrested forMisconduct for taking part in the OnlyFans skit.
Worked atMetropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

Sean Herman with Onlyfans star Jordin

Sean Herman (age 33, born in 1990) a former Nashville police officer, has been arrested for allegedly appearing in an explicit video posted on OnlyFans while on duty.

He was fired last month after being caught in the video, where he was seen groping an OnlyFans star’s breast during a staged traffic stop.

The video was recorded by local celebrity Jordin, who showed Herman in his official police uniform. This incident occurred over a month ago, leading to his dismissal from the police force.

On Thursday, Metro Police arrested Sean Herman at his home in Sumner County. He faces two counts of felony official misconduct for his participation in the adult video production.


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Sean Harman's police patch

Sean Harman’s police patch reveals his identity

Authorities revealed that their investigation pinpointed the creation of the video to April 26, when Sean Herman, then on duty as a patrol officer, participated in the Onlyfans video at a warehouse parking lot.

In the video, after the mock traffic stop, the OnlyFans creator known as Jordin exposed her breast and encouraged Herman to grope it, purportedly to avoid receiving a ticket. The footage also shows her grabbing his crotch during the interaction.

Although his face was not visible in the video, a portion of Herman’s police patch was briefly exposed on his arm, confirming his affiliation with the Nashville Police Department.

Specialized Investigations Division detectives identified him on May 9 as the individual from the chest down in the video, participating in a mock traffic stop as part of an OnlyFans skit.



Officer Sean Herman

Herman worked as an officer for Three years

According to official records, Sean Herman began his tenure with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) on August 27, 2021. Herman served in the department for almost three years until his recent termination.

Following his dismissal, Chief Drake ordered an ongoing investigation, which ultimately led to Herman’s indictment. A Criminal Court judge subsequently set Sean Herman’s bond at $3,000.


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Sean Herman FAQs

Ques: What is Officer Sean Herman’s age?

Ans: Herman is 33 years old.

Ques: What police department did Sean Harman work for?

Ans: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

Ques: Which OnlyFans Model’s Video Featured Sean Harman?

Ans: Jordin (JordinsWetOF).