Who is Raman Dlamini? All About Doja Cat’s Brother

Raman Dlamini
Quick Info
Real NameRaman Dlamini.
In NewsAssaulted Doja Cat.
Birth Date1993.
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States.
Lives inLos Angeles, CA, America.
Nationality American.
ParentsFather: Dumisani Dlamini.
Mother: Deborah Sawyer.
Sister Doja Cat.
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
WeightKg: 74.7.
Pounds: 164.6 lbs.


Childhood photo of Doja Cat with brother Raman Dlamini

Raman Dlamini (age 30, born in 1993) is the brother of the well-known American singer, Doja Cat. Despite keeping a low-profile life, recent events have brought attention to this sibling pair due to a legal dispute. The situation escalated to the point where a restraining order was filed.

In a surprising turn of events, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, Doja Cat’s mother, has taken legal action by seeking a temporary restraining order against her own son, Raman Dlamini, who is Doja’s older brother. The accusations against Raman involve both physical and verbal abuse towards the acclaimed singer.

The legal filing by Sawyer details a disturbing incident where Raman Dlamini, aged 30 and also known as Dalithando Dlamini, is alleged to have caused harm to Doja Cat, including knocking out her teeth. The specific timeline of this distressing incident remains unclear.



Doja Cat's mother Deborah Sawyer filed for restraining order against Raman Dlamini

Restraining Order Against Raman Dlamini 

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, the mother of renowned singer Doja Cat, has recently made headlines due to a restraining order she filed against her own son, Raman Dlamini.

In a shocking turn of events revealed through legal documents from the Los Angeles Superior Court, a heated family conflict has unfolded, involving allegations of physical violence and harsh words. The dispute, which escalated into a violent altercation, resulted in injuries to Dlamini, Doja Cat’s brother, including the loss of teeth.

According to the legal complaint, the altercation extended beyond physical harm, with Raman also subjecting Dlamini to degrading and hurtful language, causing significant emotional distress. Furthermore, it is claimed that Raman not only used words as weapons but also took and damaged Dlamini’s personal belongings.

The legal documents portray a troubling relationship, leading Doja Cat’s mother to seek a restraining order against Raman to ensure her daughter’s safety and well-being. Unfortunately, the distressing details don’t end there.

Sawyer alleges that Raman has been physically abusive towards her multiple times in the past year, even going as far as threatening her life. The most recent incident, reported by Sawyer, occurred in early January.

This is not the first time Sawyer has sought protection from her son’s actions. The legal documents reveal that she had temporary restraining orders against Raman since 2017, which have since expired.


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Raman Dlamini father Dumisani Dlamini
Dumisani Dlamini

Raman Dlamini Early Life

In 1993, Raman Dlamini (age 30) was born in Los Angeles, California, to Deborah Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini. Raman’s mother, Deborah, is an American graphic designer, and his father, Dumisani, is a South African performer.

Family life became a bit complicated when Raman’s parents went their separate ways. Missing home, Dumisani headed back to South Africa after a brief time in the States, hoping for a family reunion in his homeland. Unfortunately, Deborah wasn’t on board, and sadly, their relationship came to an end.

Raman, along with his sister, the famous Doja Cat, spent a good chunk of their early years being raised by their mom in the lively city of New York. However, the family’s story took an unexpected turn when they moved to the Sai Anantam Ashram, a community nestled in Agoura Hills.

Although their time there was short, they eventually made their way back to Oak Park, California, where they wrapped up their childhood years.



Raman’s Profession and Personal Life

Unlike his sister, Doja cat, Raman stays away from camera attention. Reportedly he is also not present on any social media platform which is why people do not know much about him.

Our trusted sources revealed that Raman is not a singer like his sister but he is also an artist and has worked on a few short films. According to Dlamini’s IMDB profile worked on a 2009 project “Watts and Volts” as a production assistant.

While searching about Raman’s personal life we did not find much. According to some platforms, Raman is married but some claim that he is unmarried. We are waiting to hear from our trusted sources and we will soon provide you information about Dlamini’s personal life.


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Raman Dlamini FAQs

Ques: What is the name of Doja Cat’s brother?

Ans: Raman Dlamini.

Ques: How old is Raman Dlamini?

Ans: Raman is 30.

Ques: Who is Raman Dlamini’s girlfriend?

Ans: Raman has not disclosed.