Who is Mindy Noce? All About Tim Scott’s Fiancée

Mindy Noce
Quick Info
Real NameMelinda E Noce.
AkaMindy Noce.
In LimelightDating Tim Scott.
Birth DateAugust 7, 1976.
Birth PlaceDaniel Island, Charleston, South Carolina, America.
Lives inCharleston, SC, United States.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
SiblingsThree Brothers.
Love Life
Ex-HusbandPeter 'Jay' Noce.
BoyfriendTim Scott.
FiancéTim Scott.
Social media
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 64.9.
Pounds: 143 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 9".
In centimeters: 175.2 cm.
In meters: 1.75 m.
CollegeCollege of Charleston.
Works AsDesign & Renovations Manager.
Works AtAtlantic Properties of Lowcountry.
Net WorthUSD 5.39 Million.

Tim Scott's Girlfriend Mindy Noce

All About Tim Scott’s Fiancée Mindy Noce

Mindy Noce (age 47, born August 7, 1976) is not just an average interior designer because she’s a force to be reckoned with in the real estate realm.

Hailing from the sunny shores of South Carolina, Mindy kicked up a storm when she teamed up with Atlantic Properties in 2021, sending shockwaves through the Daniel Island and Charleston real estate scenes.

But Mindy’s talents extend far beyond the world of design. In a plot twist fit for Hollywood, the design maven found herself in the political spotlight in November 2023.

Enter U.S. Presidential Candidate Tim Scott. The man known for guarding his personal life like Fort Knox finally cracked open the vault, revealing Mindy as his glamorous girlfriend of a year or so.

The power couple didn’t just confirm their relationship; they flaunted it, looking absolutely fabulous in the photos that flooded the media.

Tim, a heavyweight on the Senate Banking Committee, seems to have struck political gold with Mindy by his side. The question on everyone’s lips: how did this design diva become entwined with the political scene?

Lucky for you, dear reader, we’ve got the inside scoop. Keep reading for all the juicy details about Mindy Noce and her newfound connection to the world of high-stakes politics.


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Tim Scott with girlfriend Mindy Noce

Tim Scott and Mindy Noce have been dating since 2022

Alright, picture this: Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, you know, the guy with the conservative vibes, had everyone guessing about his love life. He’s been dodging questions, talking about family values and all, but never spilled the beans about having a special someone.

Then, bam! October 8, 2023, rolls around, and after a big political showdown, Tim walks out with Mindy Noce, this tall, blonde lady. Turns out, they’ve been a thing for about a year, and nobody saw it coming.

Now, Mindy’s a bit of a mystery. She’s not big on sharing her life on social media, especially on her Instagram (@mindynoce). But here’s the juicy part— rumor has it she’s got three kids from a previous relationship.



Tim Scott Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Mindy Noce

Tim Scott Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Mindy Noce

Senator Tim Scott recently took a big step in his personal life by proposing to his girlfriend, Mindy Noce. The 58-year-old former presidential candidate popped the question to the 47-year-old interior designer and mother of three on the picturesque beach of Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

Known for being a lifelong bachelor, Scott has kept his dating life private for a long time. However, after meeting Noce at church about a year ago and bonding over Bible study, he realized she was his ‘soul mate.’ The couple plans to tie the knot later this year.

Scott, who describes himself as patient and prayerful, expressed his excitement and a hint of nervousness about the upcoming wedding. He sought permission from Noce’s parents before proposing and spent a month planning the romantic beach proposal.



Mindy Noce with husband Tim Scott

Originally, Scott had considered proposing after a game of pickleball, but a friend suggested a more romantic setting. Despite being initially secretive about their relationship, Scott eventually introduced Noce to the public after a debate in Miami in November.

During his presidential campaign, Scott had mentioned being in a relationship but hadn’t disclosed Noce’s identity, leading to speculation about the existence of his girlfriend. The Washington Post even conducted an investigation into his ‘mysterious’ love life, confirming the relationship through Scott’s campaign manager.

The couple’s activities include playing pickleball together, with Scott humbly admitting to being the ‘weak man on the court.’ Despite the initial mystery surrounding their relationship, Scott and Noce are now openly sharing their joy and plan to embark on this new chapter of their lives together.



Mindy Noce with Peter Noce

Court documents reveal Mindy Noce’s divorce

We just uncovered some pretty wild stuff about Tim Scott’s new girlfriend, Mindy Noce. Court papers from back in 2017 suggest that Mindy, 47, was accused of helping her ex-husband, Peter ‘Jay’ Noce, create some shady companies to hide their assets and dodge trouble over a $1.2 million deal that went south.

So, here’s the deal: Mindy and Peter got sued over a company called Bravas Partners LLC. A British company, Valley Printing, bought a piece of it in 2015 for $1.2 million, but the Noces allegedly shut them out and wouldn’t show them the company records. Valley also claimed the Noces made two other companies, Wild Dunes Investments, and Beresford Creek Holdings, which were basically empty shells.

Valley Printing said these companies were created to avoid taking responsibility for what happened with Bravas. They even accused the couple of using some of the money to fund fancy vacations and private jets. The whole thing got settled out of court in 2018.

At the same time, Mindy was going through a rough divorce with Peter, blaming it on his heavy drinking and opioid use. She filed court papers saying he had a history of abusing pain meds and booze, causing a lot of stress for her and their three kids.

In the divorce, Mindy labeled herself as a ‘homemaker’ and filed for divorce citing Peter’s habitual drunkenness. She later changed it to living apart for over a year. She managed to walk away with $2,181,000 and a monthly spousal support of $9,500, as per court documents from 2019.

Fast forward to now, and Tim Scott introduced Mindy as his girlfriend just before suspending his 2024 campaign. They seemed all happy and in love.

But, while Scott enjoys his new romance, Mindy’s ex-husband, Peter Noce, is dealing with some legal mess. A judge ordered him to pay $1.8 million to someone who invested $250,000 with him, and he’s got another judgment against him for allegedly mishandling a $300,000 investment.



Mindy Noce biography

Mindy Noce’s Early Life and Background

On August 7, 1976, Melinda E Noce, aka Mindy Noce (age 47) was born in South Carolina, America. According to sources, Mindy grew up in a Christian household and enjoyed a wonderful childhood with her three elder brothers.

As per her CV, she completed her schooling at a local high school in Charleston before joining the College of Charleston in 1994 to earn her bachelor’s degree.



Mindy Noce Wikipedia

Mindy is in Real Estate Business

Mindy Noce, a true local from the Lowcountry, has a story that’s as down-to-earth as a sweet tea on a porch swing. Growing up, she was surrounded by sports, with three older brothers owning the football fields at The Citadel. You could say athleticism runs in the family!

Her journey took an academic turn at the College of Charleston, where she pursued Health Science. But sports were still very much a part of her life; running and tennis became her outlets for self-expression and a way to keep up with her brothers’ high energy.

In 2021, Mindy decided to dive into the unpredictable world of real estate, finding her place at Atlantic Properties. Since then, she’s been the go-to person for all things design and renovation, bringing a touch of magic to every project.

What makes Mindy stand out? She can understand each client’s unique needs and offer renovation advice that feels tailor-made. She’s not just about meeting expectations; Mindy is all about surpassing them. A grounded voice and an honest guide, she ensures everyone is kept in the loop at every step of the renovation journey.

We tried reaching out to Peter for comment, but no luck. Mindy hasn’t said anything either. Looks like there’s more drama to unfold in this tangled web of relationships and financial troubles.


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Mindy Noce FAQs

Ques: How old is Mindy Noce?

Ans: Mindy is 47.

Ques: From where is Mindy Noce?

Ans: Daniel Island, Charleston, South Carolina, America.

Ques: Who is Tim Scott’s girlfriend?

Ans: Melinda E Noce, aka Mindy Noce.

Ques: Who is Mindy Noce’s Ex-husband?

Ans: Peter ‘Jay’ Noce.