Who is Lukas McClish? California Hiker Found Safe After 10 Days Missing

Lukas McClish
Lukas McClishDetails
Birth Date1989.
Lives inBoulder Creek.
WifeName not disclosed.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 6'0"
WeightLbs: 190 Pounds.

Hiker Lukas McClish

Lukas McClish (age 34, born in 1989) is a hiker from Boulder Creek, who went missing on June 11, 2023, after setting out on a three-hour hike in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

He planned the hike after a friend mentioned a granite outcropping but didn’t tell anyone where he was going and only brought a few supplies.

When he didn’t show up for Father’s Day dinner, he was declared missing on June 16.

What was supposed to be a short hike turned into nine cold nights lost in the mountains. He got lost, unable to recognize landmarks that had been wiped out by fires.

McClish’s disappearance prompted a massive search involving around 300 people, including emergency personnel from several agencies, and ended with help from a dog.

He survived 10 days in the Santa Cruz Mountains, drinking a gallon of water out of his boot the day before he was rescued.

McClish recounted his ordeal, saying, “I left with a pair of pants, my hiking shoes, a hat, a flashlight, and a pair of folding scissors like a Leatherman tool— and that was about it.”


Missing Lukas McClish

McClish went missing on June 11, 2024

Lukas McClish, a resident of Boulder Creek, went missing on the morning of June 11, 2024. He was last seen on foot on Saint Francis Drive and lives on the 13000 block of West Park Drive in Boulder Creek. Lukas was wearing all-black clothing and is approximately 6 feet tall, weighing 190 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair.



Lukas McClish Found Alive

Lukas McClish was found alive

Hiker Lukas McClish, who was lost for 10 days in the Santa Cruz Mountains, survived by drinking a gallon of water out of his boot before he was finally rescued.

McClish set out with just a pair of pants, hiking shoes, a hat, a flashlight, and folding scissors like a Leatherman tool. He didn’t bring much, expecting only a short hike.

McClish made sure to drink plenty of water each day, but as time went on, he needed food and sustenance. He drank water from waterfalls using his boots and ate wild berries. He slept on wet leaves and constantly called out for help, thinking about a burrito and taco bowl after the first five days.

Navigating the area was challenging due to landmarks being wiped out by recent wildfires. Multiple agencies searched for him, and there were reports of people hearing his calls for help, but pinpointing his location was difficult. He was finally found in Big Basin State Park.

McClish was a bit sore and had lost his voice but didn’t suffer any serious injuries. He was grateful when he saw the boot and paw prints of first responders searching for him, calling the experience humbling and awesome.


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Lukas McClish FAQs

Ques: What is Lukas McClish’s age?

Ans: McClish is 34 years old.

Ques: When was Lukas McClish’s found alive?

Ans: Lukas was rescued on Thursday, June 20.

Ques: Is Lucas McLeish Married?

Ans: Yes.