Who is Kevin Boyle? All About Pennsylvania State Representative

Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle (age 44, born on February 7, 1980) is an American politician serving as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania House District 172, covering parts of Northeast Philadelphia.

Before his political career, Boyle worked as the legislative director for Philadelphia Councilman Bill Greenlee, where he contributed to the development of various city laws, including the ban on driving while using hand-held cell phones or electronic devices.

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In his role as a state representative, Boyle has focused on enhancing public safety. He has introduced legislation to limit the size of firearm magazines allowed for carrying or sale and has advocated for background checks for firearm vendors.

Boyle is also known for his efforts to expand hate crime protections to include the LGBTQ community. His proposal to grant emergency vehicle designation to Philadelphia Prison System Transport Units, aimed at improving safety, was successfully signed into law by the governor.



Kevin Boyle bar feud

Boyle Threatens Bar Closure in Heated Outburst

Pennsylvania’s Democratic State Representative Kevin Boyle recently found himself in hot water after a heated incident at a local bar. The incident, captured on video, showed Boyle engaging in a heated exchange with bar staff at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge, Pa., where he refused to leave despite repeated requests.

During the altercation, Boyle used profanity and threatened to shut down the bar using his political influence. He also insulted the staff and accused them of collaborating with the federal government. At one point, he claimed to have the authority to hinder the military promotions of some employees.

Boyle eventually settled his bill but continued to assert his authority, declaring that the bar would be “done” and questioning if everyone knew who he was.

Representing Pennsylvania’s 172nd district since 2011, Boyle faced previous controversy in 2021 when he was arrested and charged with harassment and violating a protection from abuse order filed by his wife. Consequently, he was removed from his position as House Finance Committee chairman and had his access to the Capitol restricted.

Following the recent incident, Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders acknowledged the video’s troubling nature and expressed support for Boyle as he seeks help for his personal challenges. They emphasized the importance of addressing mental health issues and providing support to individuals in need, including lawmakers like Boyle.




Kevin Boyle with father Francis Boyle and brother Brendan Boyle

Kevin Boyle Family Background

Kevin Boyle was born on February 7, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. His parents, Francis and Eileen Boyle, immigrated from Ireland to the United States when they were young.

Kevin grew up in Olney, Philadelphia, a neighborhood known for its working-class residents. Kevin has a brother named Brendan Boyle, who currently serves as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Kevin attended Cardinal Dougherty High School, where he completed his high school education in 1998. He then pursued his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at LaSalle University, graduating in 2000.

Driven by a passion for education and social issues, Kevin continued his academic journey at Harvard University, where he earned a master’s degree in Education. During his time at Harvard, Kevin focused his research on urban education issues, school funding, and strategies to improve access to higher education.



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Kevin Boyle’s Career

Kevin Boyle’s journey in public service began after his time at Harvard University. He dedicated himself to advocating for communities and families through his work with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities in Washington, D.C.

Boyle’s political journey started by managing his brother’s campaigns and later serving as the Legislative Director to City Councilman Bill Greenlee from 2007 to 2010.

In 2010, Boyle entered electoral politics and won a competitive three-way Democratic Primary in the 172nd state legislative district. Despite facing opposition, including from former Speaker John Perzel, Boyle earned the trust of his constituents.

Throughout his career, Boyle has been involved in shaping impactful laws, such as the ban on driving while using hand-held devices. He has also championed legislation addressing firearm regulations, LGBTQ hates crimes protections, and emergency vehicle designation for Philadelphia Prison System Transport Units.

During his time as the House State Government Committee Chairperson from 2019 to 2020, Boyle worked across party lines to enact crucial election-related reforms, emphasizing the integrity and accessibility of the electoral process.

In response to the 2020 pandemic, Boyle advocated for the continuation of vital health measures and the implementation of CDC guidelines to protect workers and citizens.

Boyle’s dedication to public service continues, despite facing criticism for his stance on certain issues, such as sectarian terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland. He remains committed to serving his constituents and advancing legislation for the betterment of his community.



Kevin Boyle with ex wife Caitlyn and daughter Keria

Kevin Boyle’s Ex-Wife and Daughter

Kevin Boyle was previously married to Caitlyn and they resided in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia for many years. However, their marriage ended for undisclosed reasons.

On September 24, 2021, Boyle faced legal issues when he was arrested on charges of harassment and violating a protection-from-abuse order.

Reports suggest that he was apprehended while attempting to enter his estranged wife’s residence, going against a court order that prohibited any contact with Caitlyn or their children.



Kevin Boyle FAQs

Ques: Who is Kevin Boyle’s ex-wife?

Ans: Caitlyn.

Ques: What is the name of Kevin Boyle’s daughter?

Ans: Keria Boyle.

Ques: How old is Kevin Boyle?

Ans: Kevin is 44.

Ques: Who are Kevin Boyle’s parents?

Ans: Francis Boyle (father) and Eileen Boyle (mother).