Who Was Joshua Dean? Former Whistleblower of Boeing Supplier Spirit AeroSystems Dies

Joshua Dean
Joshua Dean
Joshua DeanDetails
Birth Date1978.
Lived atWichita, Kansas.
Death DateApril 30, 2024.
Death CauseMRSA infection.
AuntCarol Parsons.


Joshua Dean (age 45, 1978 – April 30, 2024), was known as a whistleblower at Spirit AeroSystems, a Boeing supplier. Working as a quality auditor at Spirit’s main manufacturing hub in Wichita, Kansas, Dean played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of Boeing 737s, overseeing the assembly of vital components like the fuselage.

In October 2022, Dean brought attention to critical manufacturing flaws. These defects, specifically bulkhead holes that were improperly drilled, were identified almost a year before Boeing officially acknowledged them.

He reported his findings to supervisors, even describing it as the most serious issue he had encountered in his auditing role.

The flaw Dean uncovered pertained to the compromised integrity of the aft pressure bulkhead due to these defects, a component essential for maintaining cabin pressure during flight.

Despite his efforts to escalate the matter within the company, Dean faced resistance as Spirit chose to conceal the defect rather than address it promptly.



In April 2023 Spirit fired Joshua Dean

In April 2023, Joshua Dean faced dismissal from Spirit, reportedly due to his persistent efforts to expose manufacturing defects. According to his complaint, Spirit alleged that his dismissal was due to his alleged failure to perform required inspections, which resulted in defective tail fin fittings being sent to Boeing.

Dean, however, contended that his firing was a retaliatory measure for his repeated attempts to draw attention to observed errors during manufacturing. Despite his diligence, Spirit supervisors purportedly disregarded his reports, allowing substandard products to leave the facility bound for Boeing.

Joshua asserted that as early as fall 2022, he raised concerns about a significant manufacturing flaw, which Spirit management allegedly ignored until it was later uncovered by Boeing in the subsequent summer.



Joshua Dean’s aunt announces his death

Joshua Dean passed away on Tuesday morning following a sudden and rapidly spreading infection. Despite his reputation for good health and a healthy lifestyle, Dean fell critically ill, spending two weeks in critical condition before succumbing to the illness.

His aunt, Carol Parsons, shared that Dean’s health took a sharp downturn just over two weeks ago when he experienced difficulty breathing. He was admitted to the hospital and subsequently placed on a ventilator. Complications arose, including pneumonia and a severe bacterial infection known as MRSA.

Dean’s condition worsened quickly, and he had to be moved from Wichita to a hospital in Oklahoma City. There, doctors put him on an ECMO machine to help his heart and lungs work, however, Joshua couldn’t survive.



Joshua brought over 20 years of experience to Spirit AeroSyste

Joshua Dean was born in 1978 in the United States, held a degree in mechanical engineering, and boasted around 20 years of experience when he joined Spirit in 2019.

Although he faced a layoff in 2020 due to COVID-19 cuts, he made a comeback in May 2021, taking on the role of a quality auditor.

At Spirit’s Wichita plant, Dean served as a quality technical auditor. His main task was to evaluate the effectiveness of manufacturing plans and systems, aiming to minimize production errors.

Dean’s responsibilities didn’t involve spotting individual defects like a quality inspector; instead, he focused on overseeing and analyzing processes to ensure efficiency.


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Joshua Dean FAQs

Ques: How old was Joshua Dean?

Ans: Dean was 45 years old.

Ques: What is the name of Joshua Dean’s aunt?

Ans: Carol Parsons.

Ques: What caused Joshua Dean’s death?

Ans: Joshua died due to an MRSA infection.