Who Was David Lloyd? Missionary Worker Killed with Wife Natalie Lloyd by Gangs in Haiti

David Lloyd
David LloydDetails
ProfessionMissionary Worker.
Birth Date2000.
Lived atHaiti.
Death DateMay 23, 2024.
Death CauseKilled by Gangs in Haiti.
ParentsFather: David Lloyd.
Mother: Alicia Lloyd.
HusbandLate. Natalie Lloyd.
AlumniOzark Bible Institute.


David Lloyd with Natalie Lloyd

David Lloyd (age 23, July 2, 2000 – May 23, 2024) dedicated his life to missionary work, serving in Haiti. He focused on various projects within the compound where he was stationed, addressing pressing needs and improving living conditions.

One notable accomplishment was the construction of a laundry room at the House of Compassion, easing the burden of laundry for the residents.

Additionally, he renovated and repaired bathroom facilities in the girls’ dormitory, recognizing the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions in such environments.

Aware of the daily wear and tear, he planned to revamp the bathrooms in the boys’ dormitory next. Beyond infrastructure, David also played a vital role in maintaining vehicles, diesel generators, and other facilities, ensuring smooth operations.

Moreover, he actively engaged in ministerial duties, spreading the message of faith in churches and schools.



David Lloyd with Natalie Lloyd Killed

David Lloyd and wife Natalie Lloyd killed in Haiti

On May 23, 2024, David Lloyd, his wife Natalie Lloyd, and another member of their missionary group faced a tragic attack in Haiti’s capital. They were part of a mission from Oklahoma. During the assault by local gangs that night, Natalie, David, and Jude Montis were fatally shot.

The group used a satellite internet connection to communicate during the attack, sharing updates on the unfolding situation. Gang members damaged the house, shooting out all its windows. Despite efforts to seek help, including requesting a police armored car for evacuation, the missionaries couldn’t escape the danger.

The organization tried negotiating with the gangs, even offering them money to release the three captives. Unfortunately, communication was cut off, leaving their fate uncertain.

Shortly afterward, the organization confirmed the heartbreaking news of Natalie, David, and Jude Montis’s deaths around 9 p.m.



Alicia Lloyd confirmed her son’s death

Alicia Lloyd confirmed the passing of their son David Lloyd III and his wife, Natalie Lloyd. Natalie Lloyd is the daughter of Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, who also made the announcement of the couple’s demise on his Facebook page.

Alicia recounted that her son had called her during the attack, expressing fear for his life. He had already endured violence from the gang members who had infiltrated their compound.

She explained that the assailants seized the organization’s vehicles and other belongings before departing. The situation escalated when the gang set the house ablaze, forcibly entered the home, and shot Lloyds and another long-serving employee.

Alicia Lloyd revealed the compound had been effectively cut off from the outside world due to road blockages, making it challenging to procure supplies for the children’s home.

Despite being in Haiti during the attack, Alicia Lloyd’s husband had returned to the U.S. just a day prior, adding to the shock and disbelief she experienced.


David Lloyd grew up in Haiti

David Lloyd III was born in the United States on July 2, 2000 to Alicia Lloyd and David Lloyd. He spent his childhood in Haiti, where he developed a deep affection for its people, according to his mother.

At the age of 18, he traveled to the U.S. to pursue studies at a Bible college. After completing his education, he returned to Haiti with a strong desire to serve its people.

Having witnessed the suffering and hardship experienced by the Haitian community during his upbringing, David felt compelled to make a positive impact. His mother explained, “He saw the misery there, and he just wanted to do something to make a difference.”



David Lloyd FAQs

Ques: Who are David Lloyd III’s parents?

Ans: Father: David Lloyd and Mother: Alicia Lloyd.

Ques: Who was David Lloyd’s wife?

Ans: Natalie Lloyd.

Ques: Where did David Lloyd III live most of his life?

Ans: Haiti.