Who is Elizabeth Teckenbrock? Florida Single Mother’s Dark Past Surfaces After Viral Birthday Cake Video

Elizabeth Teckenbrock
Elizabeth TeckenbrockDetails
Birth Date1995.
Lives inTampa, Florida.
Ex-husbandAndrew Cormier.
AlumniPurdue University.
Elizabeth Teckenbrock husband Andrew Cormier
Andrew Cormier

Elizabeth Teckenbrock (age 29, born in May 1995) is a single mother from Tampa, Florida, who gained widespread attention after posting a heartfelt video on her TikTok account, @morethanelizabeth.

Teckenbrock shared an emotional moment where she was baking her own birthday cake while crying. In the video, she expressed the difficulty of celebrating her birthday alone, writing, “Being a single mom is making your birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you.”

The video featured Elizabeth preparing a cake mix with tears in her eyes, accompanied by the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. She captioned the video with “Geez I’m tired of hurting,” conveying her emotional exhaustion.

Despite deleting the video and all her social media accounts, the post had already gone viral, amassing over 45 million views and receiving many comments.



Elizabeth Teckenbrock Mugshot

Elizabeth was arrested in August 2023

Elizabeth Teckenbrock’s ex-husband, Andrew Cormier, responded to her viral video with serious allegations. Cormier claimed he has full custody of their two young daughters, stating that Teckenbrock rarely sees them and often goes out.

He revealed that she had been arrested for fraud, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office confirming her August 2023 arrest on charges of third-degree grand theft and intent to defraud.

In a video posted on the same platform, Cormier detailed their custody arrangement, showing that he has the children on both weekdays and weekends, including holidays and academic breaks.

He criticized the praise Teckenbrock received from her followers, arguing that she is not a full-time mother and spends little time with her children.



Elizabeth Teckenbrock TikTok

Elizabeth Accused her ex-husband Andrew

Elizabeth Teckenbrock responded to Cormier’s claims in a video on Saturday, accusing him of being “extremely abusive” and admitting that she does not have custody of their children, although she does see them.

She asserted that Andrew has always been abusive and that she left him due to this abuse. She clarified that she still sees her children regularly and is involved in their lives, hosting their birthday parties and putting them to bed.

Teckenbrock explained that when she first left Andrew, she had no resources or money, while he was a doctor. According to her, he promised that if she signed the custody agreement, her access to the children would not change, and he would not interfere in her life.

She claimed that despite the custody arrangement, she continues to be a significant part of her children’s lives. Andrew Cormier, in response, denied Elizabeth’s allegations of abuse, insisting that he has never mistreated her.


Viral single mother Elizabeth Teckenbrock

Elizabeth Teckenbrock became a mother at 16

Elizabeth Teckenbrock and Andrew Cormier finalized their divorce in October 2022, as confirmed by court records. Teckenbrock shared that this marked three years since her separation from Cormier.

She revealed that she became a mother at the young age of 16 and has devoted her life to motherhood ever since.

Reflecting on her past, Teckenbrock acknowledged the struggles she endured during her marriage. She described feeling trapped in an abusive relationship for six years and discussed the challenges she faced after leaving her husband.



Elizabeth is a founder of ‘Fear to Fierce’

Elizabeth Teckenbrock, born in May 1995 in Florida, pursued her education at Purdue University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree.

On her LinkedIn profile, Teckenbrock is listed as the founder of ‘Fear to Fierce,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding survivors of domestic violence through support services and advocacy.


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Elizabeth Teckenbrock FAQs

Ques: Who is Elizabeth Teckenbrock’s ex-husband?

Ans: Andrew Cormier.

Ques: How many children does Elizabeth Teckenbrock have?

Ans: She is the mother of three daughters and one son.

Ques: What is Elizabeth Teckenbrock’s other name?

Ans: Mayra Teckenbrock.