Elias Huizar: Ex-School Cop Allegedly Shot Himself on the Run with 1-Year-Old Son After Killing Ex-Wife and Teen Girlfriend

Elias Huizar
Elias HuizarDetails
ProfessionFormer Police Officer.
Worked atYakima Police Department.
Birth DateDecember 1984.
Death DateApril 23, 2023.
Death CauseShot himself.
Birth PlaceYakima, WA.
Nationality American.
WifeLate. Amber Marie Rodriguez.
KidsTwo Kids
Roman Huizar.
GirlfriendAngelica Santos.
Criminal Record
Accused forSecond-degree assault.

Yakima Police Officer Elias Huizar

Elias Huizar (age 39, December 1984 – April 23, 2023) held roles as a school resource officer with the Yakima Police Department and as an employee in the Richland School District. For nearly nine years, from June 2013 to February 2022, he served as a police officer until his termination following accusations of second-degree rape involving a minor.

Recently, Huizar became the subject of a manhunt after being accused of a heinous crime. Allegedly, he was connected to the deaths of his ex-wife and his girlfriend, Angelica Santos, and was evading law enforcement, with suspicions that he might be attempting to flee to Mexico.

It was reported that he killed his ex-wife, Amber Rodriguez, at William Wiley Elementary School, where she worked, during Monday afternoon dismissal. Sadly, another victim, his girlfriend, was found dead at his house near the West Richland school.

Huizar was still out there, and the police were warning people that he was armed and dangerous. They even issued an AMBER alert for him and his one-year-old son, Roman, whom he took with him. Last they knew, he drove a silver Toyota Corolla from 2009 with a Washington license plate CBZ4745.



Huizar shot himself

Elias Huizar, a former school police officer ended his life while on the run from authorities. He was being sought after facing first-degree murder charges, aggravated domestic violence allegations, and firearm enhancement charges.

A manhunt involving police from Washington, Oregon, and federal agencies ensued, culminating in a chase that ended when Huizar crashed his car on the I-5 highway in Oregon. Before authorities could reach him, Huizar fatally shot himself in the head. Oregon State Trooper Kyle Kennedy confirmed his death during a press conference.



Elias Huizar ex-wife Amber Marie Rodriguez
Amber Marie Rodriguez

Huizar and Rodriguez were divorced in 2020

Elias Huizar and Amber Marie Rodriguez got divorced on December 9, 2020. They were married for a while and had two kids together. 

However, their separation was not without its complications. Following allegations of second-degree rape against Huizar, Amber sought to modify their custody agreement and requested a protection order, citing concerns for her safety and that of their children.

She was worried about Elias’s behavior. She said he was harassing her after the divorce and acting strangely. She also said he had guns, which made her feel unsafe.

Because of this, Amber wanted to change the agreement they had about their kids and asked for legal protection. But we don’t know yet what happened with that request. There was a hearing scheduled for May 14 to talk about it.



Elias Huizar is on run

Huizar’s First charged in February 2022

In February 2022, Elias Huizar was accused of second-degree rape involving a minor unable to give consent and third-degree rape of a child, stemming from separate incidents.

Reports detailed that he was taken into custody after his underage girlfriend discovered him assaulting her 16-year-old friend at his residence.

Following a confrontation, his girlfriend and her friend left the house, with the girlfriend taking Elias’s car key as she couldn’t find hers. They drove to 1st and Kennedy Road in Benton City, where he allegedly followed them.

Upon encountering a Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputy, the girls reported the incident. Law enforcement, informed of a potential sexual assault, responded to Huizar’s residence, where he initially refused to cooperate. After a standoff, he was arrested with the assistance of SWAT.

Inside the house, officers found Elias apparently attempting to clean the sheets on which one of the teenagers had been sleeping. The court documents reveal that Elias had known one of the victims since she was 15, and a relationship had developed, resulting in her becoming pregnant at 16.

At the time of his court appearance in February, Huizar and his underage girlfriend had a nine-month-old baby. On February 15, he was scheduled for arraignment, facing additional charges of third-degree rape of a child.

Despite the severity of the allegations, Huizar was not in custody, having posted bail of $200,000 that evening and subsequently released from the Benton County jail.



Elias Huizar FAQs

Ques: Who was Elias Huizar’s ex-wife?

Ans: Amber Marie Rodriguez.

Ques: How old was Elias Huizar’s age?

Ans: Elias was 39 years old.

Ques: Who was Elias Huizar’s girlfriend?

Ans: Angelica Santos.