Who is Crackhead Barney? All About Viral Interviewer Linked to the Alec Baldwin Phone-Slapping Incident

Crackhead Barney
Crackhead BarneyDetails
Birth Date1991.
Birth PlaceJamaica, Queens, New York City.
Social media
AlumniHunter College.

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Crackhead Barney (age 32, born in 1991) is a performance artist, content creator, and ambush interviewer known for her unorthodox approach to addressing political and social issues.

Often wielding a microphone, she conducts spontaneous interviews with politicians and public figures on contentious topics like the Israel-Hamas conflict, transgender rights, and far-right US government policies.

Her fame surged during the protests in New York against Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. Videos of her ambush interviews often shared on her official platform ‘Crackhead Barney & Friends,’ quickly gained traction, spreading virally across social media.

The name “Crackhead Barney” came from her habit of wearing a Barney costume during street interviews in New York City. Some say she supports the Democratic Party but keeps her personal views private.

In a 2021 Metal magazine interview, she was described as a satirical performance artist. Although she prefers privacy, she revealed she’s from Jamaica, Queens, New York City.



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Crackhead Barney’s Confrontation with Alec Baldwin

In a widely seen video, Crackhead Barney, known for her bold style and unique outfits, recorded herself talking to actor Alec Baldwin about a deadly incident on the set of “Rust” in 2021 and his thoughts on Israel.

During the encounter, Barney approached Baldwin at Maman, a coffee shop in Greenwich Village. She was dressed in a children’s costume resembling the purple dinosaur TV character Barney, adorned with a bubblegum pink wig and white body paint on her face and body.

In a video that later went viral, she repeatedly urged Baldwin to say “Free Palestine” and “f*** Israel,” referencing the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

She also accused Baldwin of escaping legal consequences for the shooting incident on the film set, asking him, “Why did you kill that lady?” Baldwin got upset and knocked her phone away. He then pushed her out of the café and locked the door.

Videos showed Baldwin escorting Crackhead out of the café, with her accusing him of hurting her and threatening to call the police. Outside, she continued to argue with him and insulted other people passing by.


Crackhead Barney performing at the party

Barney’s life before becoming famous

Crackhead Barney, known for her unconventional style and viral performances, prefers to keep her personal life private. However, she has revealed that she was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, and studied painting and sculpture at Hunter College.

Before gaining widespread recognition, Barney often performed in the subway, entertaining commuters. However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced subway traffic, prompting her to explore other avenues for her performances.

She later became involved in attending the George Floyd protests in New York City, where her unique approach to activism began to attract attention.

Her journey to fame took an unexpected turn when she started dressing up in a Barney costume and engaging with tourists and strangers on the streets of New York City.


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This unconventional approach garnered attention, with passersby dubbing her “Crackhead Barney.” The origin of this nickname remains unclear, with Crackhead speculating whether it stems from her being skinnier than the real Barney or due to racial stereotypes.

One individual who took notice of her unique performances was Drew Rosenthal, who eventually approached her to collaborate on a show called “Crackhead Barney and Friends.” The show’s name was a playful parody of the children’s television program “Barney & Friends.”

Despite the controversial name, She embraced it as part of her persona. Collaborating with BeHappyForOnce, who served as producer and director, they further developed the concept, creating a platform that combined social commentary with entertainment.


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Crackhead Barney FAQs

Ques: What is Crackhead Barney’s age?

Ans: Barney is 32 years old.

Ques: Where is Crackhead Barney from?

Ans: Jamaica, Queens, New York City.

Ques: From which college did Crackhead Barney complete her studies?

Ans: Hunter College.