Who Was Joe Houston? All About Las Vegas Attorney, Who Shot Dennis and Ashley Prince

Las Vegas Attorney Joe Houston
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Joseph Woodford Houston IIDetails
Birth DateJanuary 1947.
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada.
WifeLate. Ashley Prince.
Including Dylan Edward Houston.
SchoolWestern High School.
AttendedUnited States Air Force Academy.
UniversityUnited States International University in San Diego.
Law degreeCalifornia Western University Law School.

Joe Houston aka Joseph Houston (age 77, January 1947 – April 8, 2024) was a criminal law attorney based in Las Vegas. He was accused of fatally shooting his former daughter-in-law, Ashley Prince, and her attorney husband, Dennis Prince. The incident ended tragically with Houston taking his own life.

The shootings took place during a child custody deposition at the offices of the Prince Law Group on a Monday morning. Before the incident, Houston had confided in another lawyer that he didn’t have much time left to live because he was suffering from terminal cancer at the time of the shootings

A friend of Dennis Prince, Robert Eglet, said he was shocked when he heard about what happened. He knew Joe had cancer because Joe told him a few days before the shooting.

Robert wondered if Joe felt like he had nothing to lose because he was so sick. But even so, Robert couldn’t understand why Joe did such a terrible thing.



Joe Houston was the father of Dylan Houston

Joseph Houston was representing his son, Dylan Houston, in a custody battle against Ashley Prince, who was represented by Dennis as part of a bigger legal team.

Court papers show that Dylan Edward Houston, who is also a lawyer in Las Vegas, filed for divorce from Ashley in October 2021 after being married for four years. Both had custody of their two kids.

On Monday, there was an emergency motion filed for sole custody of the kids by Dennis Prince, representing Ashley Prince.

During a deposition on Monday morning, Joseph Houston got up, looked confused, and shot Dennis Prince four times before shooting himself. Lisa Rasmussen, a longtime lawyer in Las Vegas, confirmed she was there representing Houston’s wife Katherine Houston during the deposition.

Dylan Houston wasn’t there during the deposition. A month later, they got joint custody of their kids, but the custody was still being disputed.



Joe was a father of Six Kids

Joe Houston, whose full name was Joseph Woodford Houston II, had a life that revolved around Las Vegas. He was born there in January 1947. His educational journey started at Western High School.

Afterward, he took on a path of service and learning by attending the United States Air Force Academy. After that, he got his bachelor’s degree from the United States International University in San Diego. Later, he studied law at California Western University Law School.

His career as a lawyer spanned more than four decades in Las Vegas. During this time, he served as a Clark County deputy district attorney and deputy public defender.

On a personal note, Joe was married to Katherine Houston, and together they raised six children, one of whom was Dylan Edward Houston.



Joseph Houston II FAQs

Ques: What is the name of Attorney Joe Houston’s wife?

Ans: Katherine Houston.

Ques: How old was Joe Houston?

Ans: Joseph Houston II was 77 years old.

Ques: What is the name of Joseph Houston’s son?

Ans: Dylan Edward Houston.

Ques: Who was attorney Joe Houston’s ex-daughter-in-law?

Ans: Ashley Prince.