Who is Antonia Roumelioti? All About Luke Newton’s New Girlfriend

Antonia Roumelioti
Quick Info
Real NameAntonia Roumelioti.
Birth Date2000.
Born inGreece.
Lives inUnited Kingdom.
BoyfriendLuke Newton.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 5."
HairLight Brown.
AlumniWilkes Academy of Performing Arts.

Antonia Roumelioti is 5 feet 5

Antonia Roumelioti (age 23, born in 2000) is a talented Greece-born British dancer and model who gained recognition on “Greece’s Got Talent” in 2017 at the age of 16.

Alongside her dance partner George, Antonia delivered a poignant performance during the TV auditions, earning three yeses from the judges and a standing ovation from one of them. Their success led them through to the finals of the competition.

Although they did not win the show, Antonia Roumelioti pursued a career as a professional dancer. She showcased her skills not only on “Greece’s Got Talent” but also on popular British television shows such as “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Dancing on Ice.”

In addition to her appearances on dance competition shows, Roumelioti has contributed to various productions, including “Musical Kids,” the “European Capital of Culture Opening Ceremony,” “Boo Production” and “Dancing On Ice.”

Her versatility extends to music videos for “WeAreJealous,” and “SingersIncWorld,” showcasing her skill and presence in the entertainment industry.


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Antonia Roumelioti with Luke Newton

Antonia Roumelioti and Luke Newton are dating

Despite her flourishing career, Antonia Roumelioti has recently been in the spotlight due to her romantic relationship with “Bridgerton” star Luke Newton.

Their dating rumors began swirling when they were seen together in Los Angeles in January 2024, initially described as friends.

The couple celebrated the New Year with friends, although early photos did not show any public displays of affection.

Their relationship gained further attention when mutual friends shared photo booth pictures from a New Year’s Eve party they attended.

Antonia and Luke continued to fuel speculation with their synchronized social media posts, including Antonia’s photos from New York City shortly after the “Bridgerton” premiere in mid-May 2024.

They were also spotted together in Los Angeles in early April, coinciding with Luke Newton’s feature in InStyle magazine.

The pair’s relationship became more evident when exclusive shots captured them leaving the “Bridgerton” Part 2 release party in London hand in hand, although they had not yet posted photos together.

Fans keenly observed their posts from shared locations, such as a cafe where both Antonia and Luke posted photos with identical order number tickets on April 7, 2024.




Antonia Roumelioti wikipedia

Antonia Roumelioti was born in Greece

Antonia Roumelioti was born in Greece in 2000, where she cultivated her passion for dance from a young age. Her breakthrough came in 2017 when she impressed audiences on Greece’s Got Talent, advancing to the finals and gaining recognition for her exceptional talent.

Since her debut on Greece’s Got Talent, Roumelioti’s career has flourished. She has performed in various productions, including a stage adaptation of Peter Pan in England and as a background dancer on the British reality show Dancing On Ice.

Her dance talents have been showcased through collaborations with prominent British dance productions such as “Iceland Productions,” “Evolve Entertainment,” “SingersIncWorld,” and “WeAreJealous.”

After completing her education, she pursued further training at the Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts in England.

In addition to her dance achievements, Roumelioti has ventured into modeling, showcasing her versatility and charm. She has worked with notable names in the industry including “Voort Studio,” “OscarDeens EyeWear,” “Cube Productions,” and “James Villas.”


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Antonia Roumelioti FAQs

Ques: What is Antonia Roumelioti’s age?

Ans: Roumelioti is 23 years old.

Ques: What is Antonia Roumelioti’s height?

Ans: She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Ques: Where is Antonia Roumelioti originally from?

Ans: Greece.